About Fighting For Your Faith

There have been many days where I have gone about my daily schedule with thoughts racing through my mind. These thoughts turned into questions, then into doubts, on to fears, until finally a lot of worry. Not good!
I’ve always been one to listen, support and uplift friends and others with words of encouragement, devotionals, and prayer. Never having a problem with it then or now, I figured that this was just part of my purpose. The problem I did have was when it came to myself and my own life issues, I found it very challenging to do and believe for myself through faith the way I did for others. Even in my faith, a strong believer I could only imagine what, or how things could be if I activated that same type of faith in my life.
So now I’m Fighting For My Faith. Lacing up my boxing gloves, I am purposely speaking over myself the promises of God the way I have always done for others. From day to day I still struggle, but I am so grateful for the growth I’ve already experienced.
Fighting For Your Faith is about encouraging and uplifting others, and as I encourage and uplift myself, I hope to encourage and uplift you as you join me on this journey of redefining and activating y(our)faith.

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Fighting For Your Faith

Encouragement to Uplift as you Fight for Your Faith.

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